Illustrations by Storyset

Step 1: Research & follow

Basically, you’ll need to do thorough research and catch their attention without giving them a sales pitch about your brand. This way, you’ll find out about the kind of content they make and actually engage with the community. When you follow their social media channels or subscribe to their newsletter, the brand marketers will slowly (but surely) understand why the creator has such a loyal following in their niche — and how well they would match with their own brand’s target audience.

Step 2: Collaborate don’t dictate

Secondly, let them be a part of the influencer marketing strategy. While you may know your own brand and what you want from the exercise, the creator knows best what their audience would like. You should be clear on the deliverables you need from them, but brands should work together to find the best-fit campaign for that creator.

Step 3: Set your expectations beforehand

Last but not the least, always have a realistic deadline, as per the KPIs. This gives both the brand and the creator a specific time frame where creation, sorting, execution, and optimization need to happen. Influencers work with multiple brands simultaneously, all while taking care of their content creation and editing.



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