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As one of India’s leading platforms for entertainment and digital experiences, Paytm Insider has also made a name for itself through its conscientious initiatives of creating a safe space for conversations about important social issues.

June is being celebrated globally as Pride Month, commemorating decades of struggle the LGBTQ community had to face, fight and overcome in their pursuit of equal opportunities, recognition, and justice. And to amplify Insider’s influencer campaign of inclusivity for Pride month, they needed someone who had deep expertise in the space, as well as a keen eye for the right talent.


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Decades of Uncertainty had to be overcome, for that smile of Acceptance — An inspiration to everyone exploring their own identity

They found the perfect ally in Socialkyte — a rising NCR-based Influencer Marketing Platform & Agency powering Brands to streamline their Influencer Collaborations, and Creators to fast-track their growth online.

Insider’s campaign, the “Proud & Loud” initiative, was meant to bring fore that crucial moment of self-realisation one finally reaches about their gender identity and the many challenges (Stigma, discrimination, deep-seated societal fears) that have to be tackled before you can be accepting of who you truly are.


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You’ll never find your True Self in the reflection others hold

The Belief to accept your True Identity comes only from within

Their aim was not just to create a safe space for the community during events, but to spur conversations, raise awareness and be an ally to those who may be living in fear of being judged — by their peers, friends, or family.

Their initiatives of making spaces more LGBTQ-friendly have been welcomed by the community and the wider audience — using Pronoun stickers which make people feel comfortable with their gender identity while holding interactive and fun events for everyone involved.

Socialkyte was able to streamline their campaign strategy and ensure that the chosen influencers keep the important conversations around LGBTQ issues flowing around on the largest stage present today — the realm of Social Media.


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Just 1 thing made all the fear…disappear

Love was all they had, and all they needed

Our prior experience executing successful social awareness campaigns meant we were able to hit all the necessary checkpoints for Insider’s collaboration, with a quicker turnaround time. The primary purpose was similar there too; our chosen influencers were to help bring awareness to the discrimination and negativity experienced by scores of people online.

While social media has supported better networking across industries, innovative collaborations and so much more, hateful messages from uninformed people hiding behind online anonymity have also risen. The issue is not one to be taken lightly and has a detrimental impact on the mental health of those who receive them — often marginalised groups like the LGBTQ community.


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Don’t let fear silence you while you suffer inside

Find your true identity and live free with Pride

Quality video editing expertise and strong story production were two very important skills needed and were given high priorities during influencer discovery. But that human aspect of being transparent, having the courage to lay your emotions out there for the whole world, and being able to inspire a stigmatised community with your own journey — these comprised the most crucial criteria Socialkyte used to find the perfect creators for Paytm Insider’s campaign.

One of the biggest struggles for people in the LGBTQ+ community is coming to terms with their gender identities, and hoping the people closest to them don’t push them away. Denial and silence often seem to be the way to proceed. And the virtual hate towards those brave enough to come out has very real consequences.


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Even the most isolated being in the darkest of times

Needs 1 True Light to believe in, to Live freely with Pride

Years of silence with self-hatred just to fit into an unjust society, or having a different identity than the norm does not justify the excessive abuse they face in the country, and in the social media environment. Our chosen creators were able to speak out about their own struggles, their moment of acceptance within their families, and the pride they felt after coming out to themselves.

While the primary objectives of most campaigns ask for amplifying a brand’s digital reach or promoting new services, #ProudAndLoud went over and above that.

Through the right integration, Socialkyte was able to collate real-life experiences of people from the community that could express their pain and pleasure without any prejudice — bringing peace and awareness to the throngs of others.

So that, they could also celebrate the Love and Inclusivity of being from the LGBTQ community, while being Proud and Loud.


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Being queer is NOT a Curse that hushes the Beauty inside

The World will applaud your Courage when you come out

With smiles of support and Pride




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