Most notable collaborations among creators.

1) YouTube Rewind-

We get to see YouTube rewind at the end of every year. It is something that is widely awaited. It is a video series that is created and produced by YouTube and Portal A interactive. The video encapsulates the viral trends, memes, music, events and everything that was integral to the concerned year in a nutshell. A wide range of YouTube celebrities participate in it. Every single year more celebrities are included which adds to the fun. It is undoubtedly one of the best examples of a massive collaboration.

2) Pass the brush challenge-

This was a wonderful collaborative challenge that emerged in the year of 2020 when the world was confined in a lockdown. This one emerged in Tiktok. This involved a person completely in their natural look, then they’d suddenly get a brush ( pretend to) and then they would cover the screen with the brush coming out in their best attires. After this the brush would be passed on to the next creator who would do the same. This had almost a majority of the Tiktok celebrities. Further, beauty vloggers and creators associated to make up completely rocked this virtual collaboration!

3) The Disney challenge

This was another amazing challenge that emerged on YouTube and many creators choose to collaborate on this one. The most famous of them being Tyler Oakley and Zoella. This challenge involves two people or sometimes more than two people. The intro of a Disney song is played. The participants who identifies the song as well as the movie wins. The participant who identifies more songs, earns more points and ultimately wins. This challenge is extremely amusing as well as nostalgic. Considering the fact that the Disney movies, songs is what constitutes most of our childhoods.

4) Pass the earphones challenge-

This one is extremely similar to pass the make up brush challenge. The difference being instead of a make up brush, in this challenge it is the earphones. This emerged in Tiktok, most of the Tiktok celebrities collaborated on this one. This challenge involves a participant receiving a earphone ( pretending to) and then grooving to a particular song that is chosen, sometimes even doing their favourite things and then passing on the earphones again. Similar to the make up brush trend, this one too emerged during the lockdown and it allowed people to connect virtually.

5)Try not to laugh challenge-

This has to be one of the most fun collaborations which emerged in YouTube. The objective of the challenge was extremely simple. There would be one or more than one participant who would be shown funny videos and the one who laughs first would lose the challenge. It is extremely fun and coherent. There is another variable, the participants are made to watch funny videos with mouth full of water. This makes it all the more funny and intriguing. Many YouTubers took to this and collaborated on this one. One of the famous collaborations is YouTuber Ryan Higa and his team.

5) The Bean boozled challenge-

This was a very widely accepted collaborative challenge which became popular in 2013-14. The most famous collaboration would be that of YouTuber Lilly Singh and Kingsley. This would have a lot of jelly beans, it requires more than one participant. Some of them would be delicious while others would taste horrible. The participants need to consume those beans. Someone who is unable to consume the bean or spits it out loses. The participant who is unable to consume the bean may even have to perform a dare.

6) Whisper challenge-

This is a collaborative challenge which is prevalent even today. Many YouTubers took to this challenge. This challenge is widely popular. It is so popular that even Jimmy Fallon did it with many of the famous celebrities. YouTubers, creators and everyone else loves this.



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